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Predreadnought warships for the WTJ Naval line of 3D Printing files; digital downloads for building your own models on home printers (machine required). Each file may be purchased as a Private use license or as a Commercial license. Once purchased, the WTJ digital files are not refundable. Visit the End User License Agreement page for more information about our licenses.

Most models include mast holes (where applicable), visit the Accessories Page to see the mast building jigs and fighting tops used for constructing good looking wire masts. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Newest models added: July 18.

2055101A_majestic_thumb Majestic WTJ-2055101A Battleship circa 1895, original design with set-back bridge and pear-shaped barbettes. Can also be used as Mars, Jupiter, Magnificent, Prince George, Victorious.
2055101B_hannibal_thumb Hannibal WTJ-2055101B Majestic class battleship circa 1898, second upperworks pattern with normal bridge, still with pear-shaped barbettes. Used as Hannibal only.
2055101C_illustrious_thumb Illustrious WTJ-2055101C Majestic class battleship circa 1898, second upperworks pattern with normal bridge and round barbettes. Used as Caesar and Illustrious only.
2055102A_formidable_thumb Formidable WTJ-2055102A Battleship circa 1902. Can also be used as Irresistible, Implacable, London, Bulwark and Venerable.
2055103_royalsovereign_thumb Royal Sovereign WTJ-2055103A Battleship circa 1892. Can also be used as Empress of India, Repulse, Ramilles, Resolution, Revenge, Royal Oak.
2055105_kingedwardvii_thumb King Edward VII WTJ-2055105 Battleship circa 1905. Can also be used as Africa, Britannia, Commonwealth, Dominion, Hibernia, Hindustan and New Zealand.
2055107_hood_thumb Hood WTJ-2055107 Battleship circa 1894.
2055108A_nile_thumb Nile WTJ-2055108A Battleship circa 1895.
2055108A_nile_thumb Trafalgar WTJ-2055108B Battleship circa 1895. Same as Nile but with shorter funnels and other minor details.
2055109_barfleur_thumb Barfleur WTJ-2055109A Battleship circa 1894. Can also be used as Centurion.
2055110A_sanspareil_thumb Sans Pareil WTJ-2055110A Battleship circa 1895.
2055110B_victoria_thumb Victoria WTJ-2055110B Battleship circa 1891. Sistership to Sans Pareil, with shorter funnels and other minor differences.
2055112_renown_thumb Renown WTJ-2055112 Battleship circa 1897.
2055113_duncan_thumb Duncan WTJ-2055113 Battleship circa 1903. Can also be used as Albemarle, Cornwallis, Exmouth, Montagu and Russell.
2055114_collingwood_thumb Collingwood WTJ-2055114 Battleship circa 1893.
2055114_collingwood_thumb Camperdown WTJ-2055115A Battleship circa 1893. Can also be used as Anson, Howe and Rodney.
2055115B_benbow_thumb Benbow WTJ-2055115B Camperdown class battleship circa 1893. Similar to rest of class but with single 16" gun in each barbette.
2055201_cressy_thumb Cressy WTJ-2055201 Armored cruiser circa 1901. Can also be used as Aboukir, Sutlej, Hogue, Euryalus, Bacchante.
2055202_drake_thumb Drake WTJ-2055202 Armored cruiser circa 1903. Can also be used as Good Hope, King Alfred, Leviathan.
2055203_monmouth_thumb Monmouth WTJ-2055203 Armored cruiser circa 1903. Can also be used as Bedford, Berwick, Cornwall, Cumberland, Donegal, Essex, Kent, Lancaster, Suffolk.
2055210_powerful_thumb Powerful WTJ-2055210 Protected cruiser circa 1897. Can also be used as Terrible.
2055211_diadem_thumb Diadem WTJ-2055211A Protected cruiser circa 1899. Can also be used as Niobe, Europa, Andromeda.
2055211_diadem_thumb Argonaut WTJ-2055211B Diadem class protected cruiser circa 1899, with slightly different aft upperworks. Can also be used as Ariadne, Amphitrite, Spartiate.
2055214_blake_thumb Blake WTJ-2055214 Protected cruiser circa 1894. Can also be used as Blenheim.
2055215_challenger_thumb Challenger WTJ-2055215 Protected cruiser circa 1904. Can also be used as Encounter.
2055218A_eclipse1898_thumb Eclipse 1898 WTJ-2055218A Protected cruiser circa 1898. Can also be used as Diana, Dido, Doris, Isis, Juno, Minerva, Talbot, Venus.

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