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Comparison of WTJ CAD graphic view and a model printed in 3D Systems resin.
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The 3MF files that we sell are the type of computer files used to make or "build" 3D printed models in any desired scale. They are not the models themselves, you will not receive any physical ship models in the mail. These files are only available as digital downloads through our online store.

In order to build their own models with these files, people will generally have their own 3D printer or they know someone who owns one. The printers with the better abilities to make these models at home are resin based SLA and DLP units made by companies like 3D Systems, Elegoo, Phrozen and Anycubic to name a few. The DLP models previously sold in the WTJ store were made on a 3D Systems Figure 4 machine.

The two files you receive for each model come in default scales of 1/1800 and 1/1250, either can be printed in any desired scale by resizing it. The 1/1250 scale will have standalone gun barrels for the heavier armaments and unsupported tripod masts (if any). Some of the various vertical features will also be finer and thinner to look better at larger scales. The 1/1800 scale file will have all gun barrels fully supported with a solid boss, and all tripod masts will be fully supported. Some vertical features will also be slightly heavier (thicker) to help assure proper printing at smaller scales.

Remember that either of these files can be printed at any scale. It is just that the two sizes have been tuned somewhat to better match the scales they are likely to be built at. For example, many people with home printers may not want to risk barrel distortion or breakage on a 1/2400 scale model, so they might use the well supported 1/1800 file as their starting point. Others may be experinced modellers who want that fine gun turret detail and they would use the 1/1250 file as a starting point to make 1/2400 ships. They can get there either way. Below is a conversion table to help change the default file scale for either model to any other common scale:
  Scale to Build
Default File Scale 1/3000 1/2400 1/1800 1/1500 1/1250 1/1200 1/1000 1/700 1/600
1/1250 0.42 0.52 0.69 0.83 0.00 1.04 1.25 1.79 2.08
1/1800 0.60 0.75 0.00 1.20 1.44 1.50 1.80 2.57 3.00
Cross reference the Default File Scale line with the Scale to Build column to find the decimal multiplier. Use that to change your starting file size to the scale you want to build.
The files we sell are in the latest 3MF format. We do not sell the STL file format because it takes up too much space on our servers, and we have a lot of models to sell (over 400 at last count). Many 3D printers can run 3MF, but for those units that do not accept these files yet, you can convert 3MF to STL using software platforms like Solidworks or Magics. There are also several on-line file conversion services such as Aspose. Please remember that all WTJ Naval digital files are copyright protected, you can Read Here the terms of use for buying our files and the copyright protections that cover them.