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3D Printing & Licensing FAQ
About 3D Printing
Q: Do I need a 3D printer in order to make something from these 3MF files?
A: Yes. All of the files we license out are for 3D printing, you need to have your own 3D printer or know someone who can print the models for you. There are many people now who will run models for you, visit our 3D Print Shops list to see who they are.

Q: Aren't home 3D printers expensive?
A: They are amazingly affordable now, especially considering what they can do.

Q: Why aren't you selling STL files?
A: STL files take up way more space on the WTJ server and we have lots of files to sell. If we sold files as STL, we would literally not have the online server space to store them all. Also, the 3MF files hold data more efficiently. The 3MF files we sell can be easily converted to STL using standard CAD software or online file converters like Aspose. We have tested both to make sure they work (The Aspose 3MF to STL conversion page is a free service).

About the User Licenses
Q: I bought some private license files but do not have a printer. Can I get a friend or 3D print shop to build the models for me?
A: Yes. How you have the models made is up to you so long as the WTJ End User License Agreement is followed (It's not terribly long and definitely worth reading).

Q: I bought some commercial license files but do not have a printer. Can I hire a 3D print shop to build the models for me?
A: Yes. Just remember that if you have someone else make them, they need to read and accept the WTJ End User License Agreement.

Q: Can me and my friends pool our funds to buy Private license models?
A: Yes, so long as the number of models built match the license quantity purchased.

Q: Can I sell or give my Commerical license files to someone?
A: Yes. The End User License Agreement has a section that tell you how to do this, including a link to pay the (very) small transfer fee.

About Copyright
Q: I don't understand "cannot give away extra copies" for the private license. If I don't charge anything, what does it matter?
A: WTJ retains all copyrights to the files. Nobody else can make extra copies without our direct, written permission (or purchase of extra private licenses, which are not expensive).

Q: Can I make changes to a privately purchased WTJ model file and then resell it for profit as my own creation? After all, I changed it, so it's different now.
A: No. The basic model still contains WTJ copyright protected work. Here is an excellent article about that: