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Ordering the Files
When ordering the files, you can choose either the license for private use, or the license for commercial use. The license for private use charges for each five models you are going to build. So if you are going to print the entire Majestic class of nine ships, you would want to buy two private licenses at $3.00 each, for a total cost of $6.00. Private use licensed models cannot be resold for profit.

The license for commercial use is different; for a single flat rate, you can print and resell all the models you want, with no quantity or time limit.

Users getting ready to buy files should read the Terms of Use for the files. The terms outline War Times Journal's copyright protections and the allowable uses for each license type. Acceptance of the link and downloading of the files acknowledges that you have read and understand the WTJ terms of use and related copyrights.

Please note that ordered files are treated like software; they are not refundable and cannot be resold or redistributed. Files proven to be corrupt will be replaced with functional files. Printer owners may need to convert the latest 3MF file format used by WTJ to an older format like STL in order for the file to work on their machine. WTJ cannot supply that conversion service, but some online resources known (at time of writing) to deal with 3MF to STL file conversion include sites such as Makeprintable, Aspose and Swiftconverter.

Downloading your files:
After your order payment is processed, you will receive an email with download links that let you download the files as zipped directories (two files per directory). Here are some important details to help make sure the files can be downloaded, it is important to read all of these tips:

1) Browser or webmail security features will often interfere with file downloads. If the file does not appear to download, it is almost always due to a browser's or operating system's security features.

2) For any browser based email receipts, be sure browser popup blockers on your computer are turned off, and that you tell any security warning pop-ups that do appear to accept or otherwise keep a WTJ file.

3) For Chrome webmail users, do not left click directly on the email link, the browser may flash briefly and fail to download. Instead, right click on the link and select "Save link location as..." to download the file.

4) The best browser to use for downloading is Microsoft Edge. It will usually either download immediately, or give you a security warning asking if you want to save the file. You may need to hover the cursor over the line you want to download. A little trash can and an ellipsis (...) will appear, if you click on the ellipsis a child window will pop-up and "Keep" is one of the options. Click on "Keep" to download the file.

5) Each download link is valid for three days, and each one may be attempted five times before it stops working. If you exceed the allowed number of attempts, you will receive a "Download retry limit has been reached" warning and you will need to contact us for a fresh link to be sent. Keep in mind the need to carefully evaluate why a file might not have seemed to download before clicking on the download link a second (or third) time.