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Napoleon's Correspondence
Selections of correspondence from Napoleon's headquarters between 1796 and 1815. Includes dispatches, reports and army bulletins.

Wellington's Dispatches
Dispatches, orders and reports from Wellington's headquarters for the Peninsular and Waterloo campaigns.

Recollections of Marshal Macdonald
by Etienne Macdonald, Marshal of France, and veteran of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.

Marshal Louis Davout
Dispatches, orders and reports from Napoleonic French Marshal Louis Davout.

Letters and Dispatches of Admiral Nelson
Letters, dispatches and diary entries from selected periods of Horatio Nelson's life.

Memoirs of the Duke of Rovigo
by General A.J. Savary, who was aid-de-camp to Generals Desaix and Bonaparte and Intelligence Chief for Napoleonic France.

Marshal Suchet - War in Spain
by Marshal Louis Suchet, veteran of Austerlitz and Jena, and commander of French forces in Eastern Spain during the Peninsular campaign.
The French Revolt and Empire
An Overview of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars which shook Europe from 1792 until 1815.

Marengo Revisited
Special Feature article about the historic Battle of Marengo, including articles, period maps, and various perspectives of crucial battlefield events such as General Desaix' afternoon arrival and General Kellermann's famous cavalry charge.

Napoleonic Artillery
A summary of the state of artillery at the turn of the nineteenth century, how it was used and some of the people who affected its development.

The Bridges that Éble Built
Chronicles the traumatic 1812 crossing of the Berezina River with an emphasis on the bridges themselves.

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