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French Marshal Etienne Macdonald was born in 1765 into an exiled Scottish family living in pre-revolutionary France. He eventually joined the army and fought with distinction in Holland and Italy before being unfairly disgraced and retired from service before the start of the Empire in 1804. He was later restored to favor and quickly earned the only battlefield commission for the rank of Marshal as a reward for his rescue of the French Army's left flank at the 1809 Battle of Wagram.

After being widowed for the third time in 1825, Macdonald began writing down his life's exploits for the benefit of his then infant son. His recollections, for they do not really count as memoirs, were written entirely from memory, but as a result they have a simple honesty which is enjoyable to read. This on-line edition is from the 1893 release published by the Marshal's grand-daughter long after he passed away in 1840.
Chapter 2
First Campaign—Battle of Jemmappes— Dumouriez's Treachery—Events at Lille—Interrogation —End of the Incident.
Chapter 3
Execution of Lamarliere—Skirmishes at Linselles and Commines—A Warlike Commissioner—Denunciation—General Pichegru—Belgium and Holland—Battle of Hooglede.
Chapter 4
Passage of the Waal—Reconnaissance at Arnheim—Capitulation of Naarden—On the Banks of the Yssel —The Peace of Basle—Command in Overyssel—Ordered to Walcheren—Fever—Convalescence.
Chapter 5
Army of the Sambre and Meuse—Mistake of General Castelvert—Fresh Hostilities on the Rhine—Arrival of General Augereau—Politeness and Literary Attainments of General Lefebvre.

Chapter 15
Arrival at Gratz—Advance to Raab—Battle of Raab—Before Komorn.

Chapter 16
The Eve of Wagram—Battle of Wagram—The Marshal's Bâton gained on the Field of Battle—Dismissal of Bernadotte—Armistice.

Chapter 19
Preparations for the Russian Campaign—On the Niemen— Retreat towards Tilsit—Intense Cold—Anxiety and Doubts—Defection of the Prussians.
Chapter 20
A Trap—A Terrible March—Russian Untrustworthiness—Alarm of the King of Naples—Summons to Paris—Reception by the Emperor.
Chapter 21
Battle of Lutzen—Occupation of Dresden—Battle of Bautzen—Surrender of Vandamme—Skirmish at Goldberg—Battle of the Katzbach— Disorderly Retreat—General Sebastiani.
Chapter 22
Concentration at Dresden—Battle of Leipsic— Treachery of the Hessians—Destruction of the Bridge—Confusion and Disorder—Passage of the Elster—A Terrible Spectacle.
Chapter 23
Marshal Augereau—Passage of the Saale—At Erfurt—Plain Speaking —Arrival at Gelnhausen—Discouragement—In Hanau Woods— Issue from the Woods—Entry into Hanau.
Chapter 24
Conversation with the Emperor —Want of Money—Evacuation of Arnheim—Surprise of Neuss— The Enemy cross the Rhine—Advance into France.
Chapter 25
Campaign in France—Bombardment of Chalons—Congress of Chatillon— Surprise at Troyes—Retreat of the Enemy—The Emperor at Arcis—Departure of the Emperor.
Chapter 26
Battle of Arcis—On the Marne—Battle of St. Dizier—Before Vitry— An Unlucky Misprint—Return towards Paris—The Approaching End.
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