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Louis-Gabriel Suchet was born on March 2, 1770, near Lyons, France. While still a young man he joined the new revolutionary army where his youthful fervor quickly gave way to a generous and honest personality which won the unwavering dedication of his men. Suchet however, was an outspoken individual and early in his career he repeatedly and openly criticized young Napoleon Bonaparte's ascending status. This was to stunt the young Suchet's career in numerous ways and only after long and obviously brilliant service did the two sides agree on his appropriate rewards of rank and command. Years later however, when Napoleon was asked who the best French general was, he replied "This is difficult to say, but it seems to me that it is Suchet..."

The following memoirs were written by Marshal Suchet, and are based directly on the original English language editions published by Colburn in 1829, three years after the marshal's death. They cover only the period of the peninsular campaign and insurrection, during which Suchet held almost all of Eastern Spain – the only French Marshal of the wars to enhance his status as a result of service in Spain. As both an eyewitness and brilliant commander, Suchet is an invaluable resource for anyone wishing to understand the difficulties of Napoleonic warfare at its worst, the subtleties of counter-insurgency operations and the advantages of efficient civil administration.

Volume 1
Chapter 1a · Chapter 1b · Chapter 1c
The Battle of Maria

Chapter 2a · Chapter 2b · Chapter 2c
Battle in Arragon

Chapter 3a · Chapter 3b · Chapter 3c
Expedition to Valencia

Chapter 4a · Chapter 4b · Chapter 4c · Chapter 4d
Siege of Lerida

Chapter 5a · Chapter 5b
Taking of Mequinenza

Chapter 6a · Chapter 6b · Chapter 6c
March on Lower Ebro

Chapter 7a · Chapter 7b
Blockade of Tortosa

Chapter 8a · Chapter 8b
Siege of Tortosa

Chapter 9a · Chapter 9b · Chapter 9c
Taking of col de Balaguer

Chapter 10a · Chapter 10b · Chapter 10b
Administration of Arragon
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