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Free is good
These rules are suitable for use with all standard miniature wargaming figures, and include all text and combat charts needed for game play. The rules are completely free and no purchases are required. Prospective beginners who want to learn more about miniature wargaming will enjoy reading Miniature Wargaming 101, a short primer we wrote to help get you oriented.

The beta version of Republique 5 is now available for play on the beta test page.
Use of the new rules is highly recommended, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

playing tools
Rules | Introduction   Command · Maneuver · Artillery & Skirmish · Assault · Panic Tests

Combat Charts | All Republique rules text is written for the Standard (Medium) scale linked below.
Artillery Arc-of-Fire - A downloadable artillery firing arc for Republique game play. Make sure that it prints out at its proper length of 127mm (five inches).

game support
Change List - View the list of changes and additions made to Republique, categorized simply by type and date.

Units and Formations | These units lists show various Napoleonic formations and their equivalent sizes for use in Republique. They are grouped by nationality, and contain both official and field strengths for regiments, brigades, divisions and corps: Austria   France   Spain   Britain   Prussia   Russia   Turkey

Leader Ratings - A list of military and national leaders of the time and their values for game play. Periodically updated with additional officers, dates of service, etc.

Optional Rules - This long list of alternative maneuver, assault and fire rules has the ability to completely transform Republique game play, and includes many references to specialized historical events and actions.

Questions and Answers - Questions and answers about Republique, including Command, Movement, Skirmishing, Artillery and Assaults.

Situations - Examples of combat situations and their resolutions. Presently includes the resolution of a hypothetical cavalry charge.

Republique Tactics - A short tactical primer, giving some hints and clues for game play. Especially relating to historical formations and techniques.

After Action Reports | Below are a short selection of reports from various Republique battles. Some are "historified" into a realistic battlefield account, whereas others may contain more details about game mechanics.
Battle of Luckenwald · Davout vs The Russians (all of them) · Stuck on a Limb

The Combat Uniform Guide - A series of sample color tables, uniform photographs and uniform data planned for all periods of military history, from ancient Greece to Modern Asia. Bold links are accompanied by illustrations and/or regimental lists: France · Great Britain · Austria · Russia · Prussia · Bavaria · Glossary

republique orders of battle
1815 Orders of Battle for Waterloo | French and British orders of battle for the Waterloo Campaign. Includes scenario and campaign notes for both armies regarding troops and battlefield conditions.

1806 Orders of Battle for Jena-Auerstadt | Prussian and French Orders of Battle for the day of October 14, 1806.

1810 Orders of Battle for Busaco - Anglo/Portuguese and French Orders of Battle for the day of September 27, 1810.

1809 Orders of Battle for Wagram | Austrian and French orders of battle for Wagram, July 5, 1809. Includes all theatre level formations, including those not present at the actual battle.

1813 Orders of Battle for Dresden | French and Allied orders of battle for the 1813 Dresden Campaign, August, 1813. Including all army formations in central Europe (except depots and garrisons).

historical orders of battle
French Army of Aragon, May 1811 · French Army of Aragon, Dec. 1811 · French Army Eighth Corps, Nov. 1805
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