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These select chapters of French General Anne Jean Savary's memoirs are based on the original 1828 editions published by Henry Colburn, London. General Savary saw action during much of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, having been aide-de-camp to the famous General Desaix, and then to Napoleon, eventually serving the later as Chief of Intelligence. He was known for his honesty in the face of powerful people and was faithful to whatever cause he committed himself. These memoirs, while unabashedly apologetic, are nevertheless invaluable for their clarity and purpose. They also supply priceless first hand accounts of many key events of this era, although readers should note that Savary is justifiably apologetic when repeating second-hand accounts, some of which are indeed inaccurate.

Volume I
by M. Savary

Part 1 - The Egyptian Campaign
Chapter 3a · Chapter 3b
Arrival before Malta—Junction of the Fleet—Arrival at Alexandria—Landing—Our first march through the desert—Meeting with an Arabian woman.

Chapter 4a · Chapter 4b
El Kaffer—Our first meeting with the Arabs—Arrival at the Nile —Order of march in the desert—Galley-slaves in Egypt—The Battle of the Pyramids.

Chapter 5
Murmuring amongst the troops —Citadel of Cairo—The Pyramids—Naval Engagement at Aboukir — Formation of establishments of every kind.

Chapter 6
Desaix's expedition to Upper Egypt—Action of Sediman—Lake Meeris—City of the Dead—Attempt of Mourad Bey after the insurrection at Cairo.

Chapter 7
Desaix's visit to Cairo—Fresh expedition to Upper Egypt in pursuit of Mourad Bey—M. Denon—The King of Darfour's son—History of Mourad Bey and of Hassan Bey.

Chapter 10
Siege of St. John d'Acre—Retreat—-General Bonaparte's visit to the hospital of men infected with the plague at Jaffa—Landing of the Turkish army—Battle of Aboukir.

Chapter 17 a · Chapter 17 b
Arrival of Melas at Alexandria—Battle of Marengo—It is lost until four o'clock—Death of Desaix —The Austrian army retreats towards the Adige.

Part 2 - The 1805 Campaign
Chapter 12
Irruption of Austria into Bavaria —Breaking-up of the camp of Boulogne —Mission of Duroc to Prussia —The Emperor of Russia visits Berlin —The Duke of Wurtemberg.

Chapter 13
The Archduke Ferdinand escapes from Ulm —Marshal Soult takes Memmingen —Answer of Napoleon to Prince Lichtenstein sent with a flag of truce —Marshal Mack capitulates —The Austrian army lays down its arms.

Chapter 14
March of the Russian army —Entry into Braunau— Return of Duroc —Occupation of Vienna —Action at Krems —Surprise of the bridge of the Tabor —Napoleon examines the ground where he intends to give battle.

Volume II
Part 2 - The 1809 Campaign
Chapter 8
The Siege of Vienna—Position of the contending armies—The army crosses the river.

Chapter 9
Action of Ebersdorf—Battle of Essling—The bridge on the Danube is broken down—Marshal Lannes mortally wounded—Napoleon holds a council with Massena and Berthier on the river side.

Chapter 10
The Emperor dispatches orders to Prince Eugene in Italy and to Marmont in Dalmatia—Gratuities distributed amongst the men in hospitals.

Chapter 12
Preparations for the attack— An Austrian flag of truce—Violent storm—Oudinot's corps commences the engagement [Wagram].

Chapter 13
The enemy commence the attack—Our left is defeated—The Emperor rides twice over the lines through a shower of balls—Results of the battle of Wagram— Presentiment of General Lasalle before the battle.

Chapter 14
The Emperor goes in search of the wounded—His expressions at beholding a colonel killed on the preceding day—The quarter-master of the regiment of carbineers—Words addressed by the Emperor to Macdonald.

Volume III
Part 2 - The 1813 Campaign
Chapter 16
Battle of Dresden—Death of General Moreau—Vandamme taken prisoner—The Emperor is forced to alter his original plans—Fortune ceases to favour us.

Additional Chapter A · Additional Chapter B
General Kellermann claims for himself exclusively the honour of the victory of Marengo—His letter—Anonymous pamphlet—My observations—The 9th light regiment—General Desaix—The Austrian staff assigns to each individual his proper share of glory.
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