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Click to see commander of Spanish and French fleets Click to see Horatio Nelson's signatureClick to see Horatio NelsonThese on-line editions of Horatio Nelson's dispatches and letters are based directly on the original nineteenth century editions. Nelson, who died at the naval battle of Trafalgar on October 21, 1805, was one of the most successful and famous of British fleet commanders. He fought in numerous battles, on both land and at sea, always leading the fight and pushing ahead into the enemy. His best acquaintances acknowledged that Nelson had an unusually clear mind, a keen intellect, and an insatiable thirst for glory.

The original dispatches include lengthy footnotes, some of which have been selectively included. The "NELSON AND BRONTE" signature which end the later passages refer to Nelson's status as Duke of Bronte. Dates preceded by names Theseus, Captain, Vanguard or Victory are referring to Nelson's flagships, from whence he wrote many of his orders and dispatches.
Operations against the Spanish Fleet at Cadiz.
April 30th through June 10th, 1797
June 12th through June 30th, 1797
July 3rd through July 11th, 1797

THE 1798 MEDITERRANEAN CAMPAIGN (The Battle of the Nile)
The British Fleet's search for the French Fleet and the prelude to the Battle of the Nile
June 12th through 29th, 1798
July 12th through 23rd, 1798

Aftermath of the Battle of the Nile.
August 2nd and 3rd, 1798
August 3rd through 9th, 1798

Nelson takes command of the English fleet stationed off Spain.
October 1st through 4th, 1805
October 5th through 7th, 1805

The prelude to Trafalgar.
October 8th through 10th, 1805
October 10th through 14th, 1805

The Battle of Trafalgar, including photo of Nelson's last letter to Lady Hamilton.
October 15th through 21st, 1805
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