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The Battle of Marengo

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The Battle of Marengo, fought on June 14, 1800, brought to a close the last of the French Revolutionary Wars which had gripped Europe for a decade. Defeat in the field forced the Austrian government to the bargaining table by Autumn, and ushered in several years of needed peace on terms very favorable to France. Unfortunately the very crucial nature of this period also resulted in much confusion about the events and their participants. A classic example of this is Marengo, which was one of the more interesting and certainly most pivotal battles of that time. This combination of importance and uncertainty have fueled two centuries of speculation, propaganda and controversy.

This WTJ Special Feature is an on-line center of learning about this battle. It features short summaries for beginning students, detailed analysis of the engagement for more serious readers and primary materials for researchers in the field. Those interested in contributing articles or primary research material to this site are encouraged to contact the WTJ webmaster for further details.

"You see how matters stand, I can no longer put off the attack without danger of being myself attacked under disadvantageous circumstances : if I delay I shall be beaten, and I have no relish for that."
General Louis Desaix, June 14, 1800
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