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 Orders & Dispatches

Napoleon Bonaparte, 1796 - 1815
Orders, dispatches and reports from Napoleon's army headquarters during the Italian, Egyptian, Austerlitz, Wagram and Waterloo campaigns.

Marshal Louis Davout, 1806
Orders and reports from French Marshal Davout's famous Auerstadt campaign.

Admiral Horatio Nelson, 1797 - 1805
Dispatches, letters of instruction and commentary written by Horatio Nelson during his most famous naval campaigns.

The Duke of Wellington, 1808 - 1815
Dispatches, orders and correspondence from the headquarters of Arthur Wellesley, The Duke of Wellington during the Peninsular and Waterloo campaigns.

American Civil War Navies, 1862
Telegrams and reports relating to the great naval battle fought at Hampton Road between the USS Monitor and CSS Virginia.

Egyptian Expeditionary Force, 1917-1918
Dispatches, maps and records of service for the Allied army which fought in the Middle East and North Africa during World War One.

 Images & Documents

1905 Russian Fleet Panorama
A rare panoramic photo taken of the Russian Baltic Fleet as it passed Singapore.

 Eyewitness Accounts

The Redoutable at Trafalgar
By Captain Etienne Lucas, Captain of the 74-gun Ship of the Line Redoutable.

The Battle of the Skagerrak
By Commander Georg von Hase, First Gunnery Officer of the German Battlecruiser Derfflinger.

The Battle of Borodino
By Baron Lejeune, a French Army Colonel who served as aide-de-camp during the 1812 invasion of Russia.

The Battle of Manila Bay
By Admiral George Dewey, commander of the American squadron which fought at this first naval battle of the Spanish-American War.

The Bombing of Hiroshima,
By Father P. Siemes. Copy of a manuscript typed by this German Jesuit priest in September, 1945, shortly after his personal observation of the August bombing and its aftermath.


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Real History

Reminiscences of the Civil War
by John B. Gordon (American Civil War)

Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant
by Ulysses S. Grant (American Civil War)

High Adventure
by James Norman Hall (WWI Aviation)

Advance and Retreat
by John B. Hood (American Civil War)

The Grand Fleet
by John R. Jellicoe (WWI Naval)

From Manassas to Appomattox
by James Longstreet (American Civil War)

Recollections of Marshal Macdonald
by Etienne Macdonald (Napoleonic)

Fighting the Flying Circus
by Edward Rickenbacker (WWI Aviation)

The Red Fighter Pilot
by Manfred von Richthofen (WWI Aviation)

Memoirs of the Duke of Rovigo
by Anne Jean Savary (Napoleonic)

Germany's High Sea Fleet in the World War
by Reinhard Scheer (WWI Naval)

Rasplata and The Battle of Tsushima
by Vladimir Semenov (Russo-Japanese Naval)

Memoirs of General William T. Sherman,
by William T. Sherman (American Civil War)

Memories of Forty-Eight Years Service
by Horace Smith-Dorrien (WWI)

Marshal Suchet - War in Spain,
by Louis-Gabriel Suchet (Napoleonic)

about the archives
The WTJ Archives section features rare and unusual on-line editions of military memoirs, headquarters dispatches, correspondence (not personal writings, but "correspondence" between officers and command groups) and eyewitness accounts. There are also image galleries featuring sets of rare or interesting photos we come across in the process of our research. The nature of these documents are explicitly military in nature. They offer key insights into the details of military science and the military art by professionals who have succeeded in their fields over hundreds of years. The accumulated knowledge of these successive generations of commanders and observers is a priceless historical window onto the times in which they lived. As with other WTJ content, all of these editions and excerpts are presented free of charge.
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