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This on-line edition of James Hall's account of aerial warfare during World War One, is based on the articles he wrote to the Atlantic Monthly during the years 1917 and 1918. The combined manuscripts, including a letter written after his capture by the Germans, were later published in book form as High Adventure.

"Jimmie Hall," as he was called, served both in the famous Lafayette Escadrille, and in the 94th pursuit squadron with Raoul Lufbery and Eddie Rickenbacker. He appears many times in Eddie Rickenbacker's book Fighting the Flying Circus. He was also considered to have been the best writer among the various pilots, with his innate sense of observation benefitting him both in the air and on paper.

Chapter 1a · Chapter 1b
The Franco-American Corps

Chapter 2a · Chapter 2b

Chapter 3a · Chapter 3b
By the Route of the Air

Chapter 4a · Chapter 4b
At G.D.E.

Chapter 5a · Chapter 5b · Chapter 5c
Our First Patrol

Chapter 6a · Chapter 6b
A Balloon Attack

Chapter 7
Brought Down

Chapter 8a · Chapter 8b
One Hundred Hours

Chapter 9
"Lonely as a Cloud"

Chapter 10
"Mais oui, mon vieux!"

Chapter 11
The Camoflaged Cows

Chapter 12
Cafard & Letter from a German Prison Camp

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