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Quick Outline — The main store page has catalog links grouped by genre (predreadnought, sci-fi, etc.) and listed by nationality. Each catalog page contains a list of products which can individually be added to your virtual "shopping cart" by clicking on the Order button to the right of that product. Once you have ordered all the items you want, click the Finalize button in your shopping cart to complete your order. It is impossible to hurt anything, and so long as you don't actually supply a credit card number, it is impossible to accidentally order anything. So feel free to click around and see how things work.

Details: Catalog Pages — Once you click on a store product-line link, you are taken to a secure catalog page within the WTJ secure server area. At the end of each product description are two buttons which work as follows:

button_order.gif You can click Order to add an item to a virtual "shopping cart" which is automatically created to act as a holding area for all items on which you click the order button. You can also delete or change the quantity of any item added to your shopping cart. You do not need to register or give personal information to use the shopping cart, and you do not need to accept cookies in order for the shopping cart system to work. If however, you make any changes to your browser settings, the catalog software will usually dump any existing shopping cart and you'll have to start over. If you end your browsing session after adding items to the shopping cart, it doesn't hurt anything, the information is simply dumped by the system if you are not using cookies. You may visit any other parts of WTJ and still return to the shopping cart to resume your shopping session.
button_view.gif The View button does not order anything, it simply allows you to view the shopping cart. In doing so, it achieves two different tasks. You can use this button to view your latest shopping cart selections without adding anything, or you can use it to check-out to the shopping cart and finalize your order. A view button is supplied after each order button for convenience, but because it doesn't add anything to your shopping cart, it has no affiliation with the product line upon which it rests.

Details: Shopping Cart — The shopping cart lists all of the items you have ordered and allows you to change their quantities, select the method of shipping and add comments to your order. There may also be an Out of Stock notice at the top of the frame if the item you just tried to order is not available. The shopping cart buttons work as follows:

The Return to Shopping button:
It is recommended that you use the Return to Shopping button to return to the catalog instead of pushing the Back button on your browser. Your shopping cart will then update properly and your browser's cache will not become confused. If your Return to Shopping button accidentally puts you back into a page which is a frame segment, just click on the Game Shop 1 Home link at the top of the page or any of the main index links to resume the normal format. No harm will be done.

Quantities and Recalculating:
In order to change quantities, simply type a new number into a products quantity box and click the Recalculate button.
The Clear Basket button:
This command will delete everything from your shopping cart and reset all values to the default settings.

The Finalize Order button:
Once you have selected your purchase items, confirmed their quantities, prices and shipping options, click on Finalize Order. This will take you to a secure order panel where you can enter your order information. (See below).

Details: Finalizing — Once you have selected your purchase items, confirmed their quantities, prices and shipping options, click on Finalize Order. This will take you to a secure order panel where you can enter your order information. The finalization page is secure and should open in a new secure browser window. Once you have completed your purchase and shipping information, click on the Submit This Order button, you will be taken to our payment processor (Paypal) where you can enter your credit card information (no Paypal account required) or you can also use your Paypal account. You may return to WTJ after completing your payment. Your original browser window with the shopping cart will probably still be open, you may either close that browser window or click on the Empty Cart button and resume your web surfing.

Mail Order — Customers who prefer to order by mail can print out our Order Form and send the completed form along with payment to our mailing address at: War Times Journal, PO Box 3943, Apple Valley, CA 92307, USA. Please note that personal checks drafted on banks outside of the United States must add $5.00 USD to cover bank processing fees.

Shipping Notice: If you are ordering from outside the United States, please remember to select the International shipping option. Failure to do so may result in a delay or cancellation if we are unable to receive the full shipping and handling required to send the order.

Domestic Shipping — WTJ ships all packages from our own facility. WTJ Naval miniatures are shipped via USPS First Class or Priority Mail, with cost of shipping augmented by a 20-cent cleaning and handling fee per model. The shopping cart always shows the final shipping and handling fee for all items currently added.

International Shipping — WTJ Naval miniatures are shipped via USPS 1st Class International Mail with the same cleaning and handling fee as domestic deliveries. The shopping cart always shows the final shipping charge for all items currently added. Remember to click the Recalculate button if you have just selected a new shipping method or rate, and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

FAQ: What happens if I order something from outside the country and forget to set the correct shipping value?
Answer: We will contact you and ask for permission to manually charge the balance needed to ship your order. Please make sure your e-mail and/or phone number contacts are correct. We will only contact you for order related queries.

International Customs Policies — Some countries charge handling, import or customs fees for incoming packages. Customers are strongly advised to find out what these are before ordering. Canadian customs for example, charges a considerable holding fee as well as a customs fee.

Delivery Speed — 3D printed models normally ship within two to four weeks. Please note that U.S. Mail sometimes suffers delays and that 10 days should be allowed for arrival of your package from time of shipping. Due to customs delays that occur in some countries, six weeks should be allowed for arrival of international packages from time of shipping.

Customer Support
Refund Policy —All WTJ 3D printed models carry a 14 day return/exchange warranty against damage, warpage and order accuracy. If you decide within 14 days of your purchase that you want to return, exchange or replace your merchandise for any of these reasons, please contact us before returning the models, along with a description of the problem (in case of breakage, please include a photo). Once we send the okay to return, please mail the models using the same level of packing protection to War Times Journal, PO Box 3943, Apple Valley, CA 92307, USA along with a copy of your shipper and/or e-mail confirmation. Please allow 3 to 6 weeks for processing.

If your models are fine and yet you still want to return them within 7 days, you can do so on any orders worth less than USD $75 free of any restocking charge. For orders more than USD $75 there will be a 10% restocking fee, but otherwise we will issue a refund minus original shipping and handling charge. You will find these terms unbeatable compared to other 3D printed miniatures, we are that positive you will love these models (FYI, no customer has ever asked us for a refund for any reason).

Store Policies
WTJ reserves the right to refuse service up to and including cancelletion of orders at its discretion. WTJ cannot guarantee the performance of shipping carriers, including domestic or international postal services. In case of losses caused by third parties, WTJ will attempt to help with resolution but cannot guarantee specific outcomes.