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About WTJ and how to contact us
Contact Us - This store is owned and operated by The War Times Journal. Online since 1996, we have established an excellent record for honesty and integrity. We stand behind our policies and will help you to fulfill your order safely and dependably. You can contact us at PO Box 3943, Apple Valley, CA 92307, USA, or you can email us directly.

Privacy Policy - The War Times Journal does not actively collect information about visitors to our site. The only information available to us is that routinely supplied by the server, such as ISP, browser type, etc. Information and e-mail submitted to us is used only for the applicable communication or posting. WTJ does not maintain a mailing list, nor does it supply, offer or sell names, addresses or e-mail account titles to outside parties. The customer registration offered in the store is solely for customer convenience and is not used to collect information about the customer.

The Server - The WTJ Store is run on certified software called Shop Site Pro, which resides in a specially secure computer called a server. The server is secured using the same encryption technology as all standard banking systems, and our payment processor is Paypal, who handles a large percentage of all on-line credit card processing on the Internet - in addition to offering their own "Paypal" payment system. The entire system, from start to finish, is designed for the fullest possible security. Indeed, the various companies involved in this process will refuse to deliver their services unless we demonstrate that we have simultaneously contracted with all of the proper authorities to make sure that all transactions are secure at each and every step.

* Security Note: WTJ reserves the right to confirm the validity of a purchase and to cancel any order which it considers risky. If there is no match between your credit card company's address record and the shipping address received for the order, the order may be subject to cancellation. Please contact WTJ in advance if you need to make special arrangements regarding this safety feature.

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