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Help support free WTJ wargaming rules

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These rules are suitable for use with all standard miniature wargaming figures, and include all text and combat charts needed for game play. The rules are completely free and no purchases are required. Prospective beginners who want to learn more about miniature wargaming will enjoy reading Miniature Wargaming 101, a short primer we wrote to help get you oriented.

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RulesIntroduction · Movement · Firing · Morale · Assault · Artillery

Changes — A list of changes and updates which have been made to 1916 since its creation.

Combat Charts — We recommend that you read our guide to printing combat charts, which gives the set-up parameters for you to best print out our charts. Ranges mentioned in the 1916 rules text are in yards, but all ranges shown on the combat charts are converted to inches for game play in the corresponding scale. See the 1916 Introduction for an overview of these scales.

Large scale Side 1 and Side 2
Medium scale Side 1 and Side 2
Small scale Side 1 and Side 2
Basic Setup Chart — A simple setup chart which guides players through the acquisition of barrages and other basic combat features used for game play.

Advanced Setup Chart — A more detailed list of setup guidelines which includes a greater variety of barrages, gas warfare resources, air superiority and much more.

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Optional Rules — A list of additions and extra rules which can be used to add a bit of spice to the carnage, including such things as heroic acts, veteran leaders and natural antagonists.

1916 Situations — Features numerous sets of illustrated examples of game play, showing how assault and movement are carried out in various conditions.

Troops Lists and Notes — Click on the links below to view scale orders of battle for use with the 1916 rules, tactical notes for troops usage and setup aides used to prepare for game play.
American · Austrian · Belgium · British · Bulgarian · French · German · Italian · Japanese · Russian · Serbian · Turkish · Vehicles and Equipment (all nations)

historical resources
Orders of Battle1st German Division · 10th Bavarian Division · 1st U.S. Division · 2nd U.S. Division

Eyewitness Accounts — Located in the WTJ Archives, there are numerous features which cover the WWI period: Memories of Forty-Eight Years Service, by Smith-Dorrien is an excellent source of Western Front (and other) accounts. Also, for somewhat related air-war accounts, players might want to browse through Fighting the Flying Circus by Eddie Rickenbacker and The Red Fighter Pilot by Manfred von Richthofen. Also, try visiting our Great War Series which gathers all WTJ material and resources relating to WWI onto one page.
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