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Revision Index

Version 2.0 - December 2, 2001
  • Clarified definition of "casualties" in the When to Roll for Morale section.
  • Modified weapon ranges.
  • Changed all range references within the rules text to yards (due to wider selection of scales).
  • Changed wire clearing rules for tanks.
  • Clarified and modified movement modifiers.
  • Updated mandatory close-order dates.
  • Changed moving-firing small arms fire modifier to "...has moved or will move on current turn..."
  • Changed "mixed units" definition for heavy weapons in assault from "...assigned to infantry..." to "...accompanied by infantry..."
  • Switched emplacements from personnel category to tank category.
  • Creating fieldworks now counts as having moved, longer entrenchment times.
  • Separated hasty dig-in and prone callouts. Added dig-in restrictions for prone units.
  • Changed on-call artillery diameter.
  • Modified light MG base composition.
  • Updated arc-of-fire definitions.
  • Expanded rapid fire reward qualification.
  • Modified packed target modifier and its application.
  • Expanded assault contact rulings and added an assault section to the Situations page.
  • Clarified placement sequence for on-call artillery.
  • Made HQ bases easier to damage during barrage.
  • Changed direct fire artillery modifiers
  • Modified unit recovery from demoralized status. Unit now recovers on pinned result or better.
  • Added medium game scale category to Base & Range Chart.
  • Added master range list to Combat and Base & Range charts (Introduction).
  • Added vehicle crew reaction.
  • Added "tanks within 100 yards" modifier to the Command Chart.
  • Added assault weapon category along with clarified fire roles for existing assault weapons and new allowances for assaulting units.
  • Added "local heavy weapons" reaction to morale rules.
  • Added descriptions of troop grades to the Introduction section.
  • Added enfilade modifier to small arms fire.
  • Added minefield usage.
  • Expanded entrenchment categories.
  • Added Rushing movement category.
  • Removed requirement that adjoining sub-units of the same battalion remain within base intervals distance of each other.
  • Removed limitation on early war units going prone while in close order.

1.01 - October, 1999
  • Changed small arms rule allowing cavalry to fire from the saddle.
  • Modified barrage setup to account for late war German organization.
  • Added new tables of organization for Austria, Turkey, Bulgaria and Serbia as well as updating and expanding existing Russian, German, French, American and British lists.

1.0 - November, 1998
This release reflects numerous changes from the evaluation copy of the rules which lay posted for so long. Many of them are applicable changes rolled over from the 1943 rules, and some are newer updates in light of recent playtesting.
  • Clarified spotting into cover, limits spotting to a total of 3" through cover instead of 3" into cover. Example: a unit 1" inside of woods looking accross an open space at other woods, may only see 2" into those woods.
  • Deleted resurrection of dead bases during combat lulls.
  • Expanded unit and formation definitions, added headquarters base functions. Condition of headquarters bases now affects regimental command rolls. Each damage on a headquarters subtracts one from the command die rolls.
  • Artillery: Moved mortar fire from Area Weapons chart to Direct Artillery Fire chart. This reduces the previously unrealistic mortar fire effectiveness (especially against tanks) and ties it in with related artillery modifiers.
  • Added line of sight to mortar section to indirect mortar fire spotter rule.
  • Renamed the Direct Cannon Fire chart. Now called the Direct Artillery Fire chart.
  • Assaulting tanks may now fire their machine guns in both the fire and assault phases.
  • Reduced German engineering weapons to maximum of one base per unit (if available).
  • Added base interval limits for all units and formations.
  • Added Deployment Area rules and tied them to assignment and operation of support bases, which no longer need to be assigned to specific sub-units.
  • Added machine guns to list of units which are subject to being overun during an assault (seeMixed Units)
  • Added rapid fire reward for direct artillery fire.
  • Added light smoke rule for protection of moving units.
  • Added anti-tank rifles to unit lists and rules (1 fire factor, 10" range).
  • Expanded the scope of the transport and towing section of the movement rules. Added vehicle and equipment lists for transport and soft vehicles.
  • Added cavalry rules.
  • Added terrain rules including more detailed cratered landscape effects.
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