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Historical Order of Battle: US

1st Infantry Division
ORGANIZATION AND MOVEMENT OVERSEAS MAY 24-DEC 22, 1917 May 24 - War Department directs organization of the First Expeditionary Division (later designated 1st Division), Regular Army. The majority of the troops selected are in service near the Mexican border at Brownsville, Douglas, El Paso, San Benito, and Fts Bliss, Ringgold, and Sam Houston; others are at Washington Barracks and Ft Oglethorpe; new organizations join at the ports of embarkation.
COMPLETION OF ORGANIZATION IN FRANCE JULY 5, 1917-FEB 17, 1918 - July 5, the first contingent moves to 1st (Gondrecourt) Training Area, where the Div (less Arty) is ordered to assemble. At this time the First Expeditionary Division is redesignated the 1st Division, AEF. July 14, Div trains with the Fr 47th Div (Chasseurs).
TRAINING AND OPERATIONS OCT 19, 1917-NOV 11, 1918 - Oct 19, the artillery moves from Le Valdahon to the area of the Fr IX Corps (Fr Eighth Army) north of Luneville, and Oct 20 infantry battalions from Gondrecourt follow.
Oct 21-Nov 20, Div participates in occupation of Sommerviller Sector (Lorraine).
Jan 18-Feb 5, 1918, 1st Inf Brig, with 5 battalions of FA attached, participates in occupation of Ansauville Sector (Lorraine).
Feb 5-Apr 3, Div occupies Ansauville Sector (Lorraine).
Apr 27-June 8, Div occupies Cantigny Sector (Picardy).
June 9-13, Div participates in Montdidier-Noyon Defensive.
June 14-July 8, Div occupies Cantigny Sector (Picardy).
July 18-23, Div participates in Aisne-Marne Operation.
Aug 7-24, Div occupies Saizerais Sector (Lorraine).
Sept 8-11, Div occupies that part of Lucey Sector between Seicheprey and Marvoisin, known as the Ansauville Sector (Lorraine).
Sept 12-16, Div participates in St-Mihiel Operation.
Oct 1-13, Div participates in Mease-Argonne Operation.

Wartime Divisional Commanders
(Major General)
1st Infantry Brigade 2nd Infantry Brigade
Willaim Sibert
Robert Bullard
Charles Summerall
Frank Parker
16th Infantry Regiment
18th Infantry Regiment
2nd machine gun battalion
26th Infantry Regiment
28th Infantry Regiment
3rd machine gun battalion
1st Field Artillery Brigade Divisional Troops Trains
5th Field Artillery (155)
6th Field Artillery (75)
7th Field Artillery (75)
1st Machine Gun Battalion
1st Engineers
2nd Field Signal Battalion
Headquarters Troop
1st Train Headquarters and Military Police
1st Ammunition Train
1st Supply Train
1st Engineer Train
1st Sanitary Train (Ambulance Companies and Field Hopstials 2,3,12,13)
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