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Australian miniature ground vehicles (MGV) for science-fiction wargaming, can be used for the Invisible Enemy rules for micromachines at war. Unless otherwise indicated, prices are per miniature. Each 3D Printed or DLP miniature is sold unpainted and includes an intergral base (no assembly required). Click on the thumbnail or name link to view extra sample photos. Click on the Order link to add an item to your virtual shopping cart, or click on the View link to view your cart and/or complete your order.
WTJ-9111508_komodo_thumb21 Komodo WTJ-9111508 Advanced medium-heavy Australian MGV, with well armored hull, twin main weapon bays, powerful communication suite and well positioned power transducers. Komodo is a larger "upgunned" Halo, with a proportionately shorter tail boom and therefore a larger body than otherwise indicated by simple length measurements. Model is approximately 1.65" (41.8mm) long. $8.50 button_order.gif  button_view.gif
WTJ-9111507_halo_thumb21 Halo WTJ-9111507 Medium Australian MGV, with well armored hull and weapon ports positioned well forward. Model approximately is 1.6" long. $7.75 button_order.gif  button_view.gif
WTJ-9111502_whiptail_thumb21 Whiptail WTJ-9111502 Medium Australian MGV, main kinetic weapon takes up full length of hull (the "tail" is the aft part of the main armament). Model is approximately 1.4" long. $5.25 button_order.gif  button_view.gif
WTJ-9111501_chameleon_thumb21 Chameleon WTJ-9211501 Heavy Australian MGV weapon platform. Well armored hull with main weapon taking up full length of chassis amidships. Model is approximately 1.8" (45mm) long. $8.00
WTJ-9111504_tegu_thumb21 Tegu WTJ-9111504 Medium-light Australian MGV, features typical rounded hull glacis and triple recessed antennae/energy weapons. Model is 1.2" long. $4.75 button_order.gif  button_view.gif
WTJ-9111505_skink_thumb21 Skink WTJ-9111505 Medium-light Australian MGV, features photon style main armament array forward (or usable as any energy, beam or related weapon). Model is 1.2" long. $4.75 button_order.gif  button_view.gif
WTJ-9111509_tokay_thumb21 Tokay WTJ-9111509 Large Australian MGV weapon platform, can be used for combat or as a signals/intelligence or transport platform. Model is approximately 2.0" long. $10.50 button_order.gif  button_view.gif
WTJ-9111510_gila_thumb21 Gila WTJ-9111510 Large Australian weapon platform. Can also be used as a signals/intelligence or combat transport platform. Model is 1.3" long. $10.75 button_order.gif  button_view.gif