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Californian miniature ground vehicles (MGV) for science-fiction wargaming, can be used for the Invisible Enemy rules for micromachines at war. Unless otherwise indicated, prices are per miniature. Each 3D Printed or DLP miniature is sold unpainted and includes an intergral base (no assembly required). Click on the thumbnail or name link to view extra sample photos. Click on the Order link to add an item to your virtual shopping cart, or click on the View link to view your cart and/or complete your order.
WTJ-9111401_pilum_thumb21B Pilum WTJ-9211401 Heavy Californian MGV, with main weapon ports positioned well forward in the hull and a tall, narrow body. Model is approximately 1.95" (49.8mm) long. $8.50
WTJ-9111402_dagger_thumb21 Dagger WTJ-9211402 Californian Reconaissance MGV. Lightly armored hull with sophisticated camouflage and stealth features. $4.00
WTJ-9111403_mace_thumb21 Mace WTJ-9211403 Medium Californian MGV, sloped armored hull with pronounced fore-collar and weapon system mounted amidships facing to port and starboard. Model is approximately 1.4" (36mm) long. $5.50
WTJ-9111404_sarrisa_thumb21 Sarrisa WTJ-9211404 Medium Californian MGV, standard line service unit with main weapon ports mounted in the forward part of the hull. Model is approximately 1.3" (33.9mm) long. $5.50