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Japanese, Neutral and Unknown miniature ground vehicles (MGV) for science-fiction wargaming, can be used for the Invisible Enemy rules for micromachines at war. Unless otherwise indicated, prices are per miniature. Each 3D Printed or DLP miniature is sold unpainted and includes an intergral base (no assembly required). Click on the thumbnail or name link to view extra sample photos. Click on the Order link to add an item to your virtual shopping cart, or click on the View link to view your cart and/or complete your order.
WTJ-9111202_cobra_thumb21 Cobra WTJ-9211202 Heavy Japanese MGV, featuring typical "Ring hull" design and massive central armament. This is a large, heavily armored vehicle with high level active camouflage. Model is approximately 1.4" (36mm) tall. $18.00
WTJ-9111203_copperhead_thumb21 Copperhead WTJ-9211204 Japanese medium MGV, featuring typical "Ring hull" design and powerful central armament. Model is approximately 0.75" (19mm) in diameter. $8.50
WTJ-9111701_scorpion_thumb21 Scorpion WTJ-9111701 Light MGV manufactured by neutral (unknown) power. Has twin power transducers, a mesh camouflage grid and a single armament bay forward. Model is 1.0" long. $5.50 button_order.gif  button_view.gif
WTJ-9111702_mantis_thumb21 Mantis WTJ-9111702 Medium MGV manufactured by same neutral (unknown) power as Scorpion. Has same mesh camouflage grid and a single armament bay forward. Model is approximately 1.75" (44.5mm) long. $7.50 button_order.gif  button_view.gif
WTJ-9111707_pentablock_thumb21 Pentablock WTJ-9211707 Superheavy monster of an MGV, controlled by an unknown power. This massive unit has an ogre-like presence on the battlefield and can usually take on everything else present. Commonly used in conjunction with the Pentascout sentinel units. Model is approximately 2.2" (56.4mm) wide. $38.00 button_order.gif  button_view.gif
WTJ-9111708_pentascout_thumb21 Pentascout WTJ-9211708 Medium-heavy sentinel unit (immobile MGV), controlled by an unknown power and commonly used in conjunction with the Pentablock mega-unit. Model is approximately 0.68" (17.2 mm) wide. $11.75 button_order.gif  button_view.gif