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World War One British cruisers and destroyers for the WTJ Naval line of 3D Printing files; digital downloads for building your own models on home printers or having them printed by a 3D print shop. Each file may be purchased as a Private use license or as a Commercial license. Once purchased, the WTJ digital files are not refundable. Visit the End User License Agreement page for more information about our licenses.

Most models include mast holes (where applicable), visit the Accessories Page to see the mast building jigs and fighting tops used for constructing good looking wire masts. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Newest models added: September 20.

WTJ-0355262_minotaur_thumb100 Minotaur WTJ-2055262 Armored cruiser circa 1914 (without torpedo nets). Can also be used as Shannon and Defence.
WTJ-0355261_warrior Warrior WTJ-2055261 Armored cruiser circa 1907. Can also be used as Natal, Cochrane and Achilles.
WTJ-0355260_duke-of-edinburgh Duke of Edinburgh WTJ-2055260 Armored cruiser circa 1906. Can also be used as Black Prince.
WTJ-0155243A_arethusa1916_thumb Arethusa WTJ-2055243A Light cruiser circa 1914. Can also be used as Aurora, Galatea, Inconstant, Penelope, Phaeton, Royalist and Undaunted.
WTJ-0155244_bristol_thumb Bristol WTJ-2055244 Light cruiser circa 1911. Can also be used as Glasgow, Gloucester, Liverpool and Newcastle.
0355246a_chatham.gif Chatham 1916 WTJ-2055246A Cruiser circa 1916, as it appeared around the time of Jutland. Can also be used as Sydney, Dublin, Southampton, Melbourne and Brisbane.
WTJ-0355311A_swift_1914 Swift 1914 WTJ-2055311A Fast flotilla leader circa 1914.
WTJ-0355311B_swift_1916 Swift 1916 WTJ-2055311B Fast flotilla leader circa 1916 with 6" gun forward and built-up bridge.
0355318a_M-admiralty.gif Matchless WTJ-2055318A "M" Class destroyer, pre-war Admiralty design with three short funnels. Can also be used as Murray, Myngs, Milne, Moorsom, Morris, etc.
0355318b_M-admiralty.gif Mons WTJ-2055318B "M" Class destroyer, war time Admiralty design with three standard height funnels.
0355318c_M-yarrow.gif Miranda WTJ-2055318C "M" Class destroyer, Yarrow design with two funnels.
0355318d_M-hawthorn.gif Mansfield WTJ-2055318D "M" Class destroyer, Hawthorn Leslie construction with four round funnels.
0355318e_M-thornycroft.gif Mastiff WTJ-2055318E "M" Class destroyer, with three flat-sided funnels (Thornycroft construction).
0355317a_L3.gif Laforey WTJ-2055317A "L" Class destroyer, with three funnels.
0355317b_L2.gif Laurel WTJ-2055317B "L" Class destroyer, with two funnels (Yarrow/White construction)
0355317c_Lmine.gif Legion WTJ-2055317C "L" Class destroyer with three funnels, as converted to minelayer in 1917.
WTJ-0355316A_acasta Acasta 1914 WTJ-2055316A "K" Class destroyer circa 1914, standard admiralty design. Can also be used as Achates, Ambuscade, Christopher, Cockatrice, Contest, Shark, Sparrowhawk, Spitfire, Lynx, Midge, Owl.
WTJ-0355316B_achates Achates 1916 WTJ-2055316B "K" Class destroyer circa 1916, standard admiralty design with searchlight swapped for 2# AA gun behind funnel. Can also be used as Ambuscade, Shark, Sparrowhawk, Spitfire, Lynx, Midge, Owl.
WTJ-0355316C_christopher Christopher 1918 WTJ-2055316C "K" Class destroyer circa 1918, standard admiralty design with most guns and torpedoes removed for anti-submarine duty. Can also be used as Cockatrice and others.
WTJ-0355316D_paragon Paragon WTJ-2055316D "K" Class destroyer circa 1916, Thornycroft "special" design with different weapon layout. Can also be used as Hardy, Porpoise, Unity, Victor.
WTJ-0355316E_ardent Ardent WTJ-2055316E "K" Class destroyer circa 1916, Denny "special" design with only two funnels and different weapon layout.
WTJ-0355316F_fortune Fortune WTJ-2055316F "K" Class destroyer circa 1916, Fairfield "special" design with flared bow and different weapon layout.

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