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Predreadnought warships for the WTJ Naval line of 3D Printing files; digital downloads for building your own models on home printers (machine required). Each file may be purchased as a Private use license or as a Commercial license. Once purchased, the WTJ digital files are not refundable. Visit the End User License Agreement page for more information about our licenses.

Most models include mast holes (where applicable), visit the Accessories Page to see the mast building jigs and fighting tops used for constructing good looking wire masts. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Newest models added: July 18.

2011101_mikasa_thumb Mikasa WTJ-2011101 Battleship circa 1902.
2011102_shikishima_thumb Shikishima WTJ-2011102 Battleship circa 1901. Can also be used as Hatsuse.
2011103_asahi_thumb Asahi WTJ-2011103 Battleship circa 1900.
2011104_fuji_thumb Fuji WTJ-2011104 Battleship circa 1897. Can also be used as Yashima.
2011105A_fuso1887_thumb Fuso 1887 WTJ-2011105A Central battery ironclad as built in 1887 with three masts and basic central battery armament.
2011105B_fuso1894_thumb Fuso 1894 WTJ-2011105B Central battery ironclad after 1891-94 reconstruction. Includes reduction of masts and partial rebuilding of upperworks. Same main and secondary armament as-built.
2011105C_fuso1896_thumb Fuso 1896 WTJ-2011105C Central battery ironclad after post-Sino-Japanese War rebuild. Includes four 4.7" QF guns added to upper decks.
2011105D_fuso1900_thumb Fuso 1900 WTJ-2011105D Coast defense battleship after reconstruction in 1900. Includes cut-down fantail and addition of two 6" guns.
2011106_chinyen_thumb Chin Yen WTJ-2011106 Coast defense battleship circa 1904.
2011130A_kashima_thumb Kashima WTJ-2011130A Battleship circa 1906.
2011130B_katori_thumb Katori WTJ-2011130B Kashima class battleship circa 1906, with slightly different upperworks and turrets.
2011201_asama_thumb Asama WTJ-2011201 Armored cruiser circa 1899. Can also be used as Tokiwa.
2011202_idzumo_thumb Idzumo WTJ-2011202 Armored cruiser circa 1901. Can also be used as Iwate.
2011203_azuma_thumb Azuma WTJ-2011203 Armored cruiser circa 1900.
2011204_yakumo_thumb Yakumo WTJ-2011204 Armored cruiser circa 1900.
2011206_nisshin_thumb Kasuga WTJ-2011205 Armored cruiser circa 1904.
2011206_nisshin_thumb Nisshin WTJ-2011206 Armored cruiser circa 1904.
2022207_chiyoda_thumb Chiyoda WTJ-2011207 Armored cruiser circa 1890.
2011210_kasagi_thumb Kasagi WTJ-2011210 Protected cruiser circa 1899. Can also be used as Chitose.
2011211_takasago_thumb Takasago WTJ-2011211 Protected cruiser circa 1898.
2011215_suma_thumb Suma WTJ-2011215 Protected cruiser circa 1896.
2011216_akashi_thumb Akashi WTJ-2011216 Protected cruiser circa 1899.
2011218_matsushima_thumb Matsushima WTJ-2011218 Protected cruiser circa 1891.
2011219_hashidate_thumb Hashidate 1902 WTJ-2011219A Protected cruiser circa 1902, with modernized secondary battery. Can also be used as Itsukushima.
2011219_hashidate_thumb Itsukushima 1894 WTJ-2011219B Protected cruiser circa 1894, with secondary layout as-built. Can also be used as Hashidate.
2011220_naniwa_thumb Naniwa WTJ-2011220 Protected cruiser circa 1886. Can also be used as Takachiho.

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