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Most ships with a main or secondary armament of 8" (20cm) or larger may be depicted with standalone gun barrels for those larger weapons. The gun turret shown at left is a typical example. This is a very popular feature and most people prefer their models to be like this, so it is the default state for all rapid protoyped WTJ Naval models with heavy guns.
Some gamers might have "dangerous duty" uses for their miniatures - maybe a lot of tournament play at conventions. Or they may want to reduce the chance of accident and do not mind the extra material that some gamers like to avoid for realism. For those users we offer free barrel supports like those shown at left. They are much like the supports that are used on some other resin and pewter models, and are also identical to those already used on gun sizes less than 8" on most WTJ ships. If you would like for your big-gun ships to have these barrel supports, just let us know in the Ordering Instructions section of the shopping cart and we will take care of it. We will also email a confirmation, just to make sure all of your questions about this have been answered.
At left are sample photos of supported and free-standing tripod masts. By default, printed ships are made with supported masts unless it is requested in the order instructions that you prefer free-standing tripods. Please be aware that free standing tripod masts at smaller scales such as 1/2400 are extremely fragile and are made/delivered on a best effort basis.