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Below is an ever-growing list of painting ideas and recommendations for our Eylau Sequence sci-fi miniatures. Because MGVs can appear with either metallic or live camouflage – or both – there is no limit to your painting options. In the background of some photos may appear various types of terrain from the Invisible Enemy rules for MGV combat. Below are a few painting suggestions for various combat schemes, just for starters...

Silver/Sepia Scheme
This scheme starts off with a base color of silver, with two layers of Citadel Sepia wash over the top. The first layer of sepia is a light, overall coverage. The second layer is heavier and used to highlight key features. Selective use of a black wash between the two sepia washes can help to highlight crevices and joints. An example of this scheme is shown in the Komodo and Gila MGV's More Info pages in the store.
Metallic Blue Camouflage
The also starts off with a base silver coat (bright silver is best), followed by camouflaging of the surface with medium blue (I use Vallejo Oxford Blue) mixed with silver. I create the largest camouflage zones with an initial blue/silver mix and then mix more blue and some black to create darker "cores" to the camouflage patches. Adding a wash layer in black or some other compatible shade helps highlight the details. An example of this scheme is shown in the Thresher MGV's More Info page in the store.
Mars Red
Start with a base coat of Vallejo Flat Red. Dry brush with a lighter shade to give a lighter, dusty look to the outside of the MGV body, using either Citadel red dry brush mix or something like Vallejo Red Beige. Then create camouflage patterns by progressively mixing more flat black with the flat red and paint it on to create shade gradients. After that, try a bit more light dry brush of high spots (or not) and then highlight crevices with black wash. I have tried giving an overall wash to this final pattern, but so far I like the raw dusty red better.

A variant of this is to paint straight red with dry brush highlighting and then apply a black wash. This gives a darker, dirtier look.
Examples of both of these schemes are shown as the header art at the top of this page.
Gold/Blue/Black Camouflage
This is a more unusual and vivid camouflage, which starts with a base coat of gold. Applying a wash of Citadel Blue over the gold, and then apply lines of "camouflage" using black wash. The black wash camouflage can take any of a number of forms, from heavy branch-like capillary patterns to a more vertical set of variously intersecting lines. The lower half of the hull is painted black, with extra blue wash used to blend the upper and lower hull sections (if applicable).
Bronze with Desert Yellow/Mud highlights
This scheme begins with a base coat of bronze. Highlight the hull features with a dry brush coating of desert yellow, and finish with a wash of Citadel Devlan Mud.
I typically paint the tapered MGV bases flat black. But I have also experimented painting electrical bolt patterns in white and yellow, or wet blending color gradients. Again, experimentation and preference are order of the day!