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All of our miniature wargaming rules are free, full-featured, and only available here at WTJ. Each set includes rules text, combat charts, orders of battle and other supporting content.

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Visit our Twitter feed or cruise through the Beta Games section for future releases and updates.

wtj_wargames Twitter feedTwitter — Visit our WTJ Wargames Twitter feed for recent announcements of releases and design work.

wtj_wargames Yahoo GroupGroups.io — Visit our WTJ Wargames group at groups.io. It is a replacement for the old Yahoo group, offering the same historical discussion and technical support for WTJ wargames.

Beta Site - New rules, updates and test sets... see our experiments!Beta Games — The beta gaming rules section hosts test versions of upcoming rules, rule updates, experimental charts and other tests. Last beta update: June 19, 2023.

Republique — Grand tactical miniature wargame rules for the Napoleonic period. Do major battles within any area the size of a large table.
Admiralty — Naval wargame rule for the age of the fighting sail from the American War for Independence to the Napoleonic Wars.
Quickfire — Fast-play naval wargame rules for the Pre-Dreadnought era: 1890 to 1905. Re-fight Tsushima and other large battles.
Battlefleet 1900 — Medium detail naval wargame rules for the Pre-Dreadnought era: 1890 to 1905.
1943 — Regimental level miniature wargame rules for World War Two, with an emphasis on infantry and local armor conflict.
1916 — World War One miniature wargame rules based on the 1943 game system. Covering all fronts and nations.
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