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Help support free WTJ wargaming rules

Free is good
These rules are suitable for use with all standard pre-dreadnought naval miniatures. All text and combat charts needed for game play are included below, the rules are completely free and no purchases are required. Prospective beginners who want to learn more about miniature wargaming will enjoy reading Miniature Wargaming 101, an article we wrote to help outline some of the basics.

    Rules: Version 1.03 – Includes all rules and outlines needed for game play.
  • Full Text
    Charts & Arcs – Download and print the combat chart pages and arcs-of-fire on any standard printer, referring to the Printing Guidelines page where necessary. Only the front side of the combat chart is absolutely necessary for play, although the many reference tables on the back side can be very useful and are recommended. The arc-of-fire templates may help players with setting gunnery arcs.
  • Combat Chart: Front SideBack Side
  • Arc of Fire Templates
    Ship Logs – There are two versions of the Quickfire ship log: A version which you download as a blank form to be filled out later, and a Flash version which you can generate on-line and printout immediately. The main advantage of the Flash ship log are that it can be used to quickly generate neatly printed sheets. Just click on the empty text fields, enter your data and then right-click/print anywhere outside of the text boxes to print out a nice neat ship log. The Flash ship logs are not saveable, but by keeping your original printout as a master, you can keep the number of Flash visits to a minimum. The second of the two ship logs is a "high density" page which holds stats for 10 vessels.
  • 6 Vessel Ship Log (Print)
  • 6 Vessel Ship Log (Flash)
  • 10 Vessel Ship Log (Flash)
Ships Values – Cross-indexed below are pages of ship statistics by nationality, each of which include all of the details required for game play. See the value key for definitions of the entries shown in the lists.

game support
Combat Scenarios – A section dedicated to combat scenarios for the pre-dreadnought era, with an emphasis on Quickfire and WTJ Naval miniatures.

Optional Rules – A few extra rules which can add interesting details to the existing game.

Tactical Recommendations – A short list of details to keep in mind during game play.

Printing and Revisions – Printout recommendations and an index of rules changes and versions.

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