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warning! experiments in progress!


Support wildly irresponsible gaming research

No animals were harmed while testing these rules
The miniature wargaming rules posted below are at various stages of development and are released here in order to allow player access to features before their release onto the main gaming page. Please remember though, that because everything here is still technically a prototype, that they are subject to change and modifications with little or no notice. They are also still being playtested and may have a few bugs that need ironing out. Rules at advanced stages of completion will include Change pages containing dates of the most recent changes. Some rules at early stages of development are subject to lengthy test cycles, often many times that of updates for rules that have already been released. A few items posted here are test charts requested by players around the world. Feel free to use them.

Republic — American Civil War: Grand-tactical
A new Civil War version of Republique, also for grand tactical combat. Take a look and let us know what you think.
Republique 5 — Grand-tactical Napoleonic Land Warfare
The new version of Republique is in the advanced stages of a major update.
1943 v4.5 — World War II Regimental Level
A new WWII gaming update supplying new combat charts, general rule features and many new optional rules.
Quickfire v1.05 — Pre-dreadnought Naval (fast play)
This pending release covers expanded scale options, more ship stats, optional rules and other tools for game play.
Battlefleet 1900 — Pre-dreadnought Naval
Below are a few extra items which have not yet been added to the current rules release. Feel free to test them out and let us know what you think.
  • Optional Nearshore Rules – An optional rules page dedicated to nearshore navigation, shore batteries, land targets and how to shoot at them. Includes a combat chart for land targets.
  • Flotilla Boat Log – For use with destroyers and torpedo boats.

Battlefleet 1915 — World War I Naval
A Great War version of the Battlefleet 1900 naval rules for predreadnought warfare.

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