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Free historical gaming rules, including the naval wargaming rules Quickfire and Battlefleet 1900. Quickfire is a set of fast-play rules designed for speed of play, and Battlefleet 1900 is more detailed with range guessing for gunnery. All rules are full featured and include combat charts, rule text and ship stats.
Free science fiction gaming rules for miniaturized combat at Eylau.com (home of The Eylau Sequence); MGV is for tactical level combat and custom weapon choices, and Invisible Enemy which enacts mass battles fielding large formations. All rules are full featured and including everything needed for play, from combat charts to MGV ratings.
"The Askold was not waiting for the other cruisers to come up astern. She was going at her utmost speed and over-hauling the battleships, just as if she meant to place herself ahead of the Retvisan as leader of the squadron. The latter assumption seemed likely. Presumably the captain of the Pallada thought so too. He did not increase speed so as to follow the Askold, but even reduced speed, with the evident intention of allowing the squadron to draw ahead and then to take up his proper station astern of the last battleship. Our place in the battle formation was astern of the Pallada. We were waiting impatiently for further orders. When the Askold had got ahead of the Retvisan, she hoisted the signal: "Keep in my wake," but again without a distinguishing signal , and turned to port. In this signal and in this manoeuvre we read the determination to lead the squadron to seaward again, and against the enemy, who appeared no longer anxious to fight."