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Republique 5.0 Beta Testing (caution: experimental rules in play)
Below are some ideas being tested for future Republique release. We have already gone through several different ideas, some that will probably be adopted and others soundly rejected. This list below are those features still being considered one way or another. Feel free to playtest and comment, although be warned that some of the tables and ideas are in their rough form and may require further refinement. Last update: August 11, 2015
Combat Chart Side 1
Combat Chart Side 2
Rules Text
Artillery Firing Arc
Leader Ratings
Revision List
Wagram OOB Austrian
Wagram OOB French
Aspern-Essling OOB French

Combat Chart – Assault
The assault table is undergoing beta tests designed to improve assault resolution. This includes a test to change the effects of assaults on artillery. If not separated from the main assault effects by a comma, the artillery suffers the same effects as the rest of the units in the assault, in addition to the effects noted for the artillery bases.

Another experimental rule: Units which bridge two different assaults and participate in both at the same time. See the special assault rules section of the beta rules page for more info.

Combat Chart – Artillery
The current artillery table has been streamlined from eight columns to six, with the two least vital columns merged in order to speed game play. Otherwise the table works exactly like in the current version 4 of Republique, using ten sided dice.

Combat Chart – Rally
The rally table now uses a system by which a unit rolls one ten sided die (1D10) and modifies it in order to arrive at a total with which it may improve its current morale. There is however, the possiblity that some unit's morale may actually get worse as a result of this. Start by rolling one die and modifiying it with the die roll modifiers. Take the final positive or negative value and apply it to the number in the main rally table which corresponds to that unit's current condition. The resulting number becomes that unit's new morale number and it's morale hit level is change accordingly (if at all). Note that the die roll modifiers have been increased to accomodate the new method.
Example: A rattled average unit which has suffered 40% casualties rolls one die roll with a result of a 5. The casualty level causes a -3, reducing the rally roll point level to a 2. The two points may be applied to the unit's current table value of 5 (an average unit that is Rattled will be a 5). This raises the unit's value to a 7, which raises its morale hit level to that of Unformed. Note that the value for the most common combination - average, unformed - has been highlighted in white for ease of navigation.
The reason that "Disordered" has been changed to "Unformed" is to let each morale hit level have its own abbreviation, IE - Unformed, Rattled, Shaken and Demoralized (U, R, S and D). General Warning: The rally table has not yet been fully "calibrated" for combat effects. The actual numbers listed in the table will probably be updated and changed as a result of more playtesting. This is a very experimental table, which has been amalgamated with the Panic table.

In the Die Roll Modifiers for the rally table, the officer bonuses have been changed slightly. Now, all rallying officers within 8cm give a +1 bonus. In addition, officers with combat ratings (the officer rating list may be modified to support this) may add those ratings to the existing one-point rally bonus. This gives any officer - even one that his men are not inspired by - the ability to push fellow officers into action to beat the men back into line. The Leader Ratings is being updated to support this: Leader Ratings

Also, we are testing this new artillery firing arc which will help players to establish safe firing lanes between friendly troops.

Borodino Order of Battle
These French and Russian orders of battle were created by David Oliver for the Republique gaming system. Many thanks to David.

General OOB Updates
We will be upgrading Republique orders of battle, some of which date to before the original 1996 release of Republique. The updates will include consolidation of some units in order to eliminates single-base formations, and the correction of formation sizes based on newer sources. The newly updated OOBs will be listed below as they are completed.

Wagram OOB: French, Austrian.

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