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World War One warships for the WTJ Naval line of 3D Printing files; digital downloads for building your own models on home printers (machine required). Each file may be purchased as a Private use license or as a Commercial license. Once purchased, the WTJ digital files are not refundable. Visit the End User License Agreement page for more information about our licenses.

Most models include mast holes (where applicable), visit the Accessories Page to see the mast building jigs and fighting tops used for constructing good looking wire masts. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Newest models added: June 9.

WTJ-0555135_dreadnought Dreadnought 1907 WTJ-2055135 Battleship circa 1907.
WTJ-0155137A_bellerophon1909_thumb Bellerophon 1909 WTJ-2055137A Battleship circa 1909. Can also be used as Superb, Temeraire.
WTJ-0155137B_superb1910_thumb Superb 1916 WTJ-2055137B Bellerophon class battleship circa 1916. Can also be used as Bellerophon, Temeraire.
WTJ-0155138A_stvincent1910_thumb St. Vincent 1910 WTJ-2055138A Battleship circa 1910. Can also be used as Vanguard, Collingwood.
WTJ-0155138B_collingwood1916_thumb Collingwood 1916 WTJ-2055138B St Vincent class battleship circa 1916. Can also be used as St Vincent, Vanguard.
WTJ-0755141_orion Orion WTJ-2055141 Battleship circa 1912. Can also be used as Monarch, Conqueror, Thunderer
0355151_queenelizabeth.gif Queen Elizabeth 1916 WTJ-2055151 Battleship circa 1916, as it appeared around the time of Jutland with extra secondary gun on forecastle deck. Can also be used as Warspite, Valiant, Malaya and Barham.
WTJ-0355153A-15_G_invincible1914.gif Invincible 1914 WTJ-2055153A Battlecruiser circa 1914 as it appeared through the beginning of the war; without torpedo nets.
WTJ-0355153A-15_G_invincible1914.gif Invincible 1915 WTJ-2055153B Battlecruiser circa 1915 as it appeared on home fleet and escort assignment; with torpedo nets.
WTJ-0355153A-15_G_invincible1914.gif Invincible 1916 WTJ-2055153C Battlecruiser circa 1916 around the time of Jutland; with raised forward funnel and no torpedo nets. Can also be used as Inflexible and Indomitable (note that these last two ships had a different appearance from Invincible for the first two years of the war, see other catalog entries).

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