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Predreadnought warships for the WTJ Naval line of 3D Printing files; digital downloads for building your own models on home printers (machine required). Each file may be purchased as a Private use license or as a Commercial license. Once purchased, the WTJ digital files are not refundable. Visit the End User License Agreement page for more information about our licenses.

Most models include mast holes (where applicable), visit the Accessories Page to see the mast building jigs and fighting tops used for constructing good looking wire masts. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Newest models added: February 10.

2033101_pelayo_thumb Pelayo WTJ-2033101 Battleship circa 1890.
2033201_mariateresa_thumb Infanta Maria Teresa WTJ-2033201 Armored cruiser circa 1893. Can also be used as Almirante Oquendo and Vizcaya.
2033203_carlosv_thumb Carlos V WTJ-2033203 Armored cruiser circa 1898.
2033204A_colon_nobarrels_thumb Cristobal Colon (without main guns) WTJ-2033204A Armored cruiser circa 1898. Without gun barrels for main armament.
2033204B_colon_barrels_thumb Cristobal Colon (with main guns) WTJ-2033204B Armored cruiser circa 1898, with gun barrels for main armament.
2033210_reinacristina_thumb Reina Cristina WTJ-2033210 Unprotected cruiser circa 1890. Can also be used as Alfonso XII and Reina Mercedes.
2033215_reinaregente_thumb Reina Regente WTJ-2033215 Unprotected cruiser circa 1895. Can also be used as Alfonso XIII and Lepanto.

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