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Predreadnought Chinese warships for the WTJ Naval line of 3D DLP naval miniatures (grey plastic). Unless otherwise indicated, prices are per miniature. Click on the thumbnail or name link to view a sample photo. Click on the Order link to add an item to your virtual shopping cart, or click on the View link to view your cart and/or complete your order. These are wargaming grade miniatures, have small sections and are breakable, please keep away from children under 10 years of age. All WTJ Naval models are sold in their original unprimered finish, removal of the plastic DLP model supports is needed before primering and painting.

Order Note: Larger models (usually in the 1/600 or 1/700 range) unable to fit in the DLP machine are not listed, if you have any questions feel free to contact us with any questions

0012101_tingyuen.gif Ting Yuen 1894 WTJ-0612101A Battleship circa 1894 with open barbettes and no torpedo boats. Can also be used as Chen Yuan.
0012101_tingyuen.gif Ting Yuen 1885 WTJ-0612101B Battleship circa 1885. As designed, with barbette hoods and torpedo boats. Can also be used as Chen Yuan.

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