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Science Fiction Photo Gallery
Photos of games using the MGV and Invisible Enemy miniature wargaming rules. Hit the BACK button to return from each photo.

"Whiptails" in formation.
"Whiptails" in formation.
"Whiptails" moving in line ahead.
"L35" hugging a cliff.
"Pikes" passing obstacles.
Twlilight shot of a "Sarrisa" MGV formation moving to the front line.
Panorama of an MGV skirmish engagement, featuring a pair of "Chameleon" MGVs moving against enemy scout MGVs
Japanese "Pythons" in tandem.
Closeup of "Whiptail" MGVs passing across an open space.
A pair of Australian MGVs clear a landing tower and some neutralizing modules.
The last undamaged "Mace" standing in the way of the Selangor breakthrough.
Another view of the same Invisible Enemy battle showing Selangor "Blue" MGVs breaking through the Australian center under a heavy fire support barrage.
An Invisible Enemy battle showing Selangor "Blue" MGVs on the left and Australian "Mace" MGVs on the right. In the background, more Selangor units are moving around the Australian right flank.