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The Pacific War Series
Articles and Flash animated combat maps of the Pacific Theater of Operations (PTA). Also, links to other Pacific War content at WTJ.

Napoleonic Wars Series
Orders and dispatches by Napoleon, Nelson, Wellington and Davout, memoirs by Macdonald and Savary as well as related articles and games.

American Civil War Series
Civil War navy reports and many period memoirs including those by Longstreet, Grant, Sherman, Gordon and Hood.

The Great War Series
Read memoirs and on-line books by such famous people as "The Red Baron" Manfred von Richthofen, Eddie Rickenbacker, Admirals Scheer and Jellicoe and more. Also; articles, image galleries and games.

Pre-Dreadnought Naval Series
Gaming, archive and articles resources for everything relating to the Pre-Dreadnought naval period.

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