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  Pacific War Series


The Guadalcanal CampaignShort outline Animated Maps
Animated map series covering the 1942 Guadalcanal battles that turned the tide of the war in the South Pacific against the Japanese.

Invasion of PeleliuShort outline Animated Maps
Flash animated combat map series about the September 1944 amphibious attack in the Western Pacific.

Pearl Harbor AttackAnimated Maps
Flash animated combat maps showing where Japanese aircraft made their attack runs. Also includes an overview of the flight paths they used on their approach.

Thunder Gods and KamikazesFull article
About the Japanese suicide air offensives of World War Two through which the Imperial Navy attempted to secure victory.

Marine Scout on SaipanFull article
An interview with Guy Gabaldon, the "Pied Piper of Saipan" who captured 1,500 Japanese prisoners in lone patrols behind Japanese lines.

WWII Summary – War in the Pacific Full article
An overview of the war that started with the Japanese landings on the east coast of Malaya and which ended with the dropping of the atomic bombs.

WWII Summary – Pearl HarborFull article
A thorough overview of the December 7, 1941 naval airstrike against American navy and army installations on Oahu, Hawaii.

The Sinking of the Hyuga and Tone Full article
An interview with H. Paul Brehm, who served as a U.S. Navy dive bomber pilot in the Pacific from 1943 through 1945. He was awarded the Navy Cross for helping to sink the Japanese battleship IJN Hyuga.

The Bombing of Hiroshima, Full article
By Father Johannes Siemes. Copy of a manuscript typed by this German Jesuit priest in September, 1945, shortly after his personal observation of the August bombing and its aftermath.


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