Pre-Dreadnought Gaming Rules

All WTJ Naval miniatures are fully compatible with standard wargame rules for the pre-dreadnought period. We even offer two different sets of free rules that can be used to fight realistic naval battles. Each set includes rules text, combat charts and most everything else needed for play... except dice of course. See below for descriptions of the two rules sets. Each title links directly to that rule set in the WTJ Gaming page.

Battlefleet 1900 - This is a medium complexity set of rules which employ an "on the bridge" perspective. Players keep track of general flooding conditions, propulsion, fires and gunnery is tracked according to each gun on the ship. Players guess the range to enemy ships in order to score hits, but there is also an optional die-roll system available to establish gun hits. There is also a large optional rules section.

Quickfire - This is a low complexity rules set, designed for fast-play with a larger number of ships. Players keep track of basic gunnery numbers instead of individual guns, and gunnery hits are handled entirely by die rolls. Ship damage is also simplified, although the technical results of gunnery (IE - damage and fires) are still quite realistic. A good game for all beginners and also for experienced players who like to play a game that moves quickly.