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These rules are suitable for use with all standard pre-dreadnought naval miniatures. All text and combat charts needed for game play are included below, the rules are completely free and no purchases are required.

    Rules: Version 1.05 BETA – Includes all rules and outlines needed for game play.
  • Full Text
    Ship Logs – There are three formats of the Quickfire ship log: A GIF version for warships which you print and manually fill out, and a PDF version for warships which you can fill in with various ship ratings and save for later use. Also a GIF version for destroyer/torpedo boat flotillas which you print and manually fill out
  • 6 Vessel Ship Log (GIF)
  • 6 Vessel Ship Log (PDF Form)
  • 10 Boat Flotilla Log (GIF) - For destroyers and torpedo boats (condensed format).
Ships Values – Cross-indexed below are pages of ship statistics by nationality, each of which include all of the details required for game play. See the value key for definitions of the entries shown in the lists.

game support
Optional Rules – A few extra rules which can add interesting details to the existing game.

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