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Below is the beta version for the new Republic wargaming rules for American Civil War, as converted from WTJ's Republique rules for grand-tactical Napoleonic warfare. Each portion of the rules has been thoroughly reviewed for period effects and updated after numerous test plays. We are continuing to playtest the rules and encourage players to email results of their own test games to webmaster@wtj.com. Last update: May 16, 2024.

These rules are suitable for use with all standard miniature wargaming figures, and include all text and combat charts needed for game play. The rules are completely free and no purchases are required. Prospective beginners who want to learn more about miniature wargaming will enjoy reading Miniature Wargaming 101, a short primer we wrote to help get you oriented.

    Game Support
  • Advanced Rules — Optional game features that provide more historical flavor, including an advanced rules checklist.
  • Advanced Rules Checklist — Excel sheet for tracking use of advanced rules to be used in a game.
  • Leader Ratings — A list of military commanders and their values for game play.
  • Units and Formations — These unit lists show various civil war formations by nationality and their equivalent sizes for use in Republic, along with notes for game play.
    Rule Notes
  • Designer Notes & Change History — Includes detailed designer's notes and a history of previous changes.
  • Tactical Guide — A short tactical primer, giving some hints and clues for game play. Especially relating to historical formations and techniques.
    Republic orders of battle
  • Gettysburg — Union · Confederate
  • Antietam — Union · Confederate
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