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Portal : Wars & Periods : World War Two

    General History
  • British Artillery in WWII - Organisation, tactics and gunnery methods used by the Royal Artillery and the artilleries of British Commonwealth
  • Generals of World War II- A utopian project trying to provide biographical data on the army generals of World War II of all participating countries.
  • Axis History Fact Book !!! - A large site featuring overviews of service branches, orders of battle and political histories.
  • WWII Timeline - By The History Place.
  • Russian Campaign 1941-1945, The !! - An invaluable on-line photo diary of Otto Willnauer, 3rd Company, 7th PanzerJaeger Battalion (Later 1007 Sturmgeschutz Abteilung).
  • German Kriegsmarine Encyclopedia !!! - Wonderful site which includes CAD drawing of ships which can be rotated and viewed from any angle.
  • Naval History - Histories of the Royal Navy in WWI and WWII. Also includes information about the U.S. Navy.
  • Nihon Kaigun - Covering the Japanese Imperial Navy.
  • Trento in Cina - All about the Italian cruiser Trento and the Italian Navy during WWII. (Italian language)
  • U-boat Net !! - Based out of Iceland, this great page has a cross indexed listing of German World War Two era submarines, their service records and their captains.
  • U.S. Navy in the Pacific, 1941-1945
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