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about wtj:
The War Times Journal is an on-line magazine which covers all periods of military history and military science. Our goal is the quality presentation of articles and archives relating to wars and armed conflict, with an emphasis on eyewitness accounts and personal experiences. We also offer free on-line wargaming resources, a store where you can buy gaming miniatures and books, and a portal to related sites.

There is no charge for access to our content. We rely on the direct support of our readership, through store purchases and advertising. This system has kept WTJ on-line since 1996 and allowed it to rate as one of the most popular military history sites on the Internet.
The War Times Journal may be contacted via the small but very friendly US Post Office at: PO Box 3943, Apple Valley, CA 92307, USA.

Or email us at: webmaster@wtj.com
Outside Credits:
Over the years WTJ has been helped by numerous individuals and organizations. Some have helped personally and others have helped merely by their existence as public institutions. Below is a part of the ever-growing list of those deserving and deeply appreciated parties.
Chuck Crain
Raymond Abescat
A&E Network
Edinburgh Castle
Flagship Portsmouth
Norm Harms
Clifford Holiday
Karl Johnson
Robert Johnson
Kenya Railway Museum
Dr. Andre Mas
Kevin Patience
Musée de l'Armée
Musée National de la Marine
Garland Robbs
Singapore Wargamers
Stirling Castle
United States National Archives
Vienna Arsenal
Verdun Survivors and Families Assoc.
Verdun Museum
Velimir Vuksic

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