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Generic pre-dreadnought era vessels for the WTJ Naval line of 1/3000 scale pewter miniatures. Unless otherwise indicated, prices are per miniature. Click on the thumbnail or name link to view a sample photo. Click on the Order link to add an item to your virtual shopping cart, or click on the View link to view your cart and/or complete your order.
0000710_tugboats.gif Tugboat Set $1.25 $0.63 On Sale! WTJ-0000770 button_order.gif  button_view.gif
Three generic tugboats; one large, one medium and one small. A starter list of boats these can be used for could include: American boats Tacoma, Algonquin, Leyden, Sioux and Iroquios; the Spanish armored tug Antonio Lopez (Cuba); the Russian tugboat Rousse (Tsushima).
0000780_battery_no1.gif Shore Battery #1 $4.25 $2.12 On Sale! WTJ-0000780 button_order.gif  button_view.gif
Modern (circa 1900) period shore battery with three medium guns (6" to 8"), permanent concrete fortress design.
0066750_vinhlong.gif Vinh Long $2.75 $1.37 On Sale! WTJ-0066750 button_order.gif  button_view.gif
Troop transport circa 1895. Can also be used as: Bien Hoa, Tonquin or as a general steamer/transport.