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Napoleonic Uniform Glossary
This pictorial glossary is provided as an aid to wargamers wishing to know more about Napoleonic era uniforms and equipment. Note that there are numerous redundant definitions, but that all of the listings combined serve to help define a great majority of uniform features. Each "model" is identified for reference.

French Infantry 1800 - 1807

Austrian Infantry 1800 - 1809

French Guard Grenadier
This is the dress uniform of the Grenadier's a Pied. Another detail is the brass ring which most wore through their ear.

French Hussar Trooper
Note the campaign style trousers which have been reinforced for riding long (very long) distances. The braided, waist-cut tunic which was worn beneath the pelisse was called the dolman.

French Cuirassier Trooper
Not visible in this view is the black horse-hair mane which is attached to the crest of the helmet, and which flows down the back of the armor.

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