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American Tank Units and Formations

These unit lists should help new 1943 players orient themselves as to how the rules relate to historical organizations. They are meant only as guidelines, and players should feel free to modify them if they wish.There were an enormous variety of formations which existed throughout the war, and so again, this can serve as a primer upon which players re-create their own historical units.

Note that Units refers to the number of three model sub-units to be used. For the most part, Companies are made up of "units," and battalions are then made up of companies. This is done in order to allow players to conveniently use companies without feeling like they have to build whole battalions. Since the function of a regimental HQ base is abstract, players should still have one for dedicated armored units even if they use only small parts of a regiment.

Marine Tank Company 1942
Units:3 - M3, 1 - M3SATAN | Morale:Brave | Training:Average
Marine Tank Company 1943/1944
Units:3 - M4A2, 1 - M4Flame | Morale:Reckless | Training:Average
Army Tank Company 1942/1943
Units:3 Light or Medium (not mixed) | Morale:Shaky/Steady | Training:Poor
Army Tank Company 1944/1944
Units:3 Light or Medium (not mixed) | Morale:Steady | Training:Average

Army Tank Battalion 1942/1945
Companies:3 medium tank, 1 light | Additional: 1 M21 base, 1 M4/105 base, 1 unit recce jeeps

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